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Smithfields Country Club History From Farm to Championship Golf

Mist on course

Little did anyone know that a golf course sat hidden within the 338-acre farm of the Lloyd Hollingsworth Smith family. But in the early 1980's, golf architect Willie B Lewis showed local business man Garnett Barnes the land, suggesting that a championship golf course indeed was waiting. There was something special about the rolling hills and winding creeks that would test the best golfers in the Upstate.

The Smith family talked with Barnes and his lifelong business partner, Ozzie Garret and a deal was met, with plans for a golf course and a housing development. Willie B Lewis was chosen as the golf architect. Then Alvin Dark, (The same Alvin Dark that excelled at LSU and later played baseball for the New York Giants), was added to the project. Dark was so enamored with the Upstate and the idea of golf in Easley, that he bought a lot, site unseen. But he wasn't the only one excited about the Smithfield's project. To everyone's amazement, over 90 home lots were pre-sold, mostly by word of mouth.

Today, you can drive by and see developed home and golf, right here in Easley. The rolling hills and winding creeks are still here, but the trees are taller and the friendships stronger. Willie Lewis and Garnett Barnes dream has come full circle.