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Men's Senior Golf Association

2011 Senior Association Championship Results

Wednesday, October 26th & Thursday, October 27th

2011 Overall Gross Champion: Robert Crenshaw
2011 Overall Net Champion: Tommy Hobbs

The Smithfields Country Club Senior Golf Association is open to SCC members 55 years of age or older.

The official SCC SGA play day is on Wednesdays - 10am during the winter months and 9am the rest of the year.

Tommy Hobbs is the SCC SGA President and Ron Finley is the Treasurer. Contact Tommy (cthobbs at bellsouth dot net), Ron (fnlybaron045 at aol dot com) or the Pro Shop if you wish to join the SCC Senior Golf Association.


Smithfields Mens Senior Golf Association By-Laws and Rules

2011 SCC Senior Golf Association Schedule

Wednesday, April 6th - Begin Match Play 9:00am

Thursday, April 14th - Seniors will play Thursday at 9am due to Red Cross
Fundraiser Golf Tournament on Wednesday, April 13th

Wednesday, April 27th - Interclub with Green Valley Country Club

Wednesday, May 18th - 1-Day Mini Member-Guest/Member
(SCC member playing as guest will be cut 25%)

Wednesday, June 8th - Member-Member

Tuesday, June 28th - Help with Upstate Junior Classic (See Adam)

Wednesday, June 29th - Help with Upstate Junior Classic (See Adam)

Thursday, June 30th - Seniors will play Thursday at 9am due to Upstate Junior Classic on Wednesday, June 29th

July Interclub: To-be-announced

Wednesday, August 17th - 1-Day Mini Member-Guest/Member
(SCC member playing as guest will be cut 25%)

Wednesday, September 28th - Senior Association Championship - Round 1

Thursday, September 29th - Senior Association Championship - Round 2 and Awards Dinner (6pm)

Organized to provide fun, enjoyment and fellowship among senior male members of Smithfields Country Club.

A President, Vice President/Treasurer and the majority of its members shall govern the association.

Membership requirements are: a person must be a member in good standing of Smithfields Country Club and be at least 55 years old.

A membership fee of $20.00 must be paid on or before the first Wednesday in February.

An annual meeting will be held on the first Wednesday of February for the purpose of electing a President, Vice President and Treasurer to discuss any old or new business. Special meetings may be called as necessary.

Each year a variety of tournaments will be held among association members, such as Member-Guest, Member-Member and Matchplay Championship.

To participate in association tournaments and interclub play, the member must have participated at least 10 times in a weekly fellowship play. Exceptions would be for new members of Smithfields Country Club or the member having been confined due to health reasons. To play in association Tournament, a non-association member's Handicap will be adjusted 25% from yellow tee boxes. This applies to Smithfields Members only. The membership committee must approve any other exceptions.

Match play Tournaments will begin on the first Wednesday of a month determined by the Pro. Handicaps that are established at the start of the tournament will be used through out the tournament.

Committees may be established as needed and members will be appointed by the President.

Exceptional Rules for Smithfields Mens Senior Golf Association

  1. Mulligan's on first tee played: You may hit two balls and play your best ball.
  2. Putts: You must putt everything out. If you pick up before finishing the hole, you are disqualified for the hole and you take a triple bogey.
  3. Changing balls: Unless the ball is deemed unplayable by your fellow players, you must play the same ball all the way through the hole. If you illegally change balls you are disqualified for the hole and take a triple bogey.
  4. Unplayable Lies: If you must take an unplayable lie it is a one stroke penalty and you may take two club lengths from the point of relief no closer to the hole or you may go back as far as you like keeping the ball in line with its original flight.
  5. Moving the ball: You may move the ball one club length in your own fairway without penalty. You must play it down in the rough. If you touch your ball in the rough with any part of your body or club it is a two stroke penalty. If there is a question as to whether it is your ball and it must be identified, then the ball must be placed back in the same location or the same penalty will result.
  6. Striking the wrong ball: If you hit the wrong ball, it is a two shot penalty.
  7. Out of bounds: you must replay the ball. The penalty is one stroke and distance. You count your first shot plus the penalty for going out of bounds: thus a two shot penalty.
  8. Lost ball: Same as going out of bounds. Replay ball and a two stroke penalty, except when everyone in your group agrees that the ball should be somewhere in play (such as plugged ball or hidden under leaves), then you may drop a ball with no penalty.
  9. Hazards: You may unplug your ball in bank of a sand bunker, pond or creek without penalty: However, it must be played from that location or it is deemed an unplayable lie and those rules will apply when in a hazard.
  10. Lateral water hazards: You may play one of the following options.
    1. Play ball as it lies in hazard.
    2. Replay ball from previous spot with one stroke penalty.
    3. Replay ball from as far back as you want, keeping the ball in line with the flag with one stroke penalty.
    4. Drop the two club lengths from hazard stakes no closer to the hole with one penalty stroke. (This can be on the opposite side of the hazard as long as it is not closer to the hole.)
  11. Members playing in Wednesday play must call or be checked in with pro-Shop at least 15 minutes before 9:00AM for summer play and 10:00AM for winter play. If schedule is not followed the member will be allowed to play with group but can not win prizes.
  12. One gross winner will be paid once a month. Pro-Shop will schedule format to be played for gross winner.