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Smithfields Country Club Membership Policies

Immediate Family Privileges: The Member's Spouse and their unmarried children under the age of twenty-three (23), who are living at home, attending school on a full-time basis or in the military, are allowed the same Club privileges enjoyed by the Member.

Extended Family Privileges: The parents, adult children and grandchildren of the Member are allowed the same usage privileges enjoyed by the Member, upon the payment of reduced green fees and other applicable fees. Extended family members must be accompanied by the Member. Extended family members must also follow the Smithfields Country Club Guest Policies.

Inheritability: Upon the death of a Member, the membership can be transferred to the Member's surviving Spouse or adult child.

Change in Membership Categories: All requests for changes effecting membership status, category, privileges or charges must be made by giving the Club office thirty (30) days prior written notice and must be approved by the Board of Directors. Excessive changing of categories is prohibited.

If a member that has changed from a full membership to a social membership wishes to return to a full membership, the member must pay the difference in monthly dues between a social membership and full membership for the months said member held his social membership status or the member must pay the current full initiation fee, whichever is less.

Legal Separation or Divorce:In the event of the divorce or legal separation of Spouses having membership privileges, the membership, including all of its rights and benefits, will vest in the Spouse awarded the membership by an agreement of separation or a decree of divorce. Until the award of the membership and written notice thereof is provided to the Club, both Spouses will be jointly and severally liable for all dues and charges and may both continue to enjoy membership privileges as long as such amounts are timely paid. With regard to any claim or dispute about the ownership of a membership, in the absence of an agreement of separation or a decree of divorce, the Club shall be entitled to rely on the membership application and may confirm ownership of that membership in the name of the person listed on the application as the primary member. The Club will not become involved in any domestic or other dispute concerning ownership of issuance of a membership and does not have any liability or responsibility for the resolution of such disputes. Once a divorce is finalized, the spouse that is not awarded the membership may join the Club without initiation fees provided they join within ninety (90) days of the finalized divorce agreement.

Parents Membership to Junior Membership: Once the child of a Member finishes college or turns 23 years old, whichever comes first; the young adult has the privilege of applying for a Junior Membership at a reduced initiation fee. The reduced initiation fee shall be set by the Board of Directors. The young adult must join the Club before his 30th birthday to take advantage of the reduced initiation fee.

Social Membership: Social Members shall receive one golf greens fee pass per quarter at the family guest rate. Cart fee shall be required when using the pass. Social members may not play in Club sponsored Member tournaments; however, the Social Member is allowed to play as a guest in any Member-Guest formatted tournament.

February 11, 2013